Spring has finally sprung!
The transformation towards warmer weather and longer days has really taken hold. It’s a reminder of just how close the farmer’s market season is, something we have been preparing for for MONTHS! Gillian and I have both quit our day jobs and have been using our freed up time to really set some intentions for Wildflower Baking and for ourselves.

Much like the new spring growth that is emerging from underneath dead brush, I have had the transformative process of recognizing parts of my life that were no longer serving me, and moved forwards. In other words, I ended a relationship, found a new place to live and now live in a house with four new friends! It hasn’t been easy, but I’m realizing how necessary it really was. I feel lighter, more open, refreshed and so ready to take on this next phase of my life.

Gillian has been right there with me, while going through her own rollercoaster of spring events. I feel so incredibly grateful for our friendship. It makes me realize how important it is to nurture and give attention to your friendships in the same way we are taught to for our S.O. relationships. Communication, vulnerability, forgiveness, tenderness…all of these things are nutrients for EVERY single relationship. I’m excited to move forward keeping these things in mind, realizing that every person you meet has the opportunity to enrich your life and teach you new things.

Anywho, enough with my rant about love and friendship. Wildflower Baking is ready to finally kick off and before that happens, we are going to have a little Farmers Market Sneak Peak to make sure we have everything in ship shape, get some feedback from y’all and of course, have a fun time so make sure to stop by! It will be in the front yard of my new house, right off of the north end of Peninsula Park. Can’t wait to see some new faces and catch up with some old ones.

Much love to you all and can’t wait to feed you!

Emily Squadra

Where to find us:
Farmers Market Sneak Peek: Sunday April 29th, 10am – 1pm on N Kerby Ave & Ainsworth
St John’s Farmers Market: Saturdays 9am – 2pm (starting May 19th)
King Farmers Market: Sundays 10am – 2pm (starting May 20th)

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