We are two bakers from some of Portland’s best bakeries growing a whole grain baking business in hopes of creating a more cooperative food system. We work with growers and millers of Pacific Northwest grains, sustainable and organic farmers, and source our dairy and eggs from the Willamette Valley. We’re inspired by the the cycle of the seasons and methods of natural food preservation: making jams, fermenting, pickling, etc. Both of us are home gardeners, and we sometimes grow things from seed to share our harvest with you!

4Emily moved to Portland after baking her way through college, graduating from University of Colorado at Boulder. The summer after graduating college, Emily followed Outstanding in the Field, working different farm dinner events all over the country. She then landed in Portland, OR, drawn by the year-round access to fresh produce and the thriving baking scene. She has worked at Woodlawn Coffee &┬áPastry, Lovely’s 50/50, and Seastar Bakery.


Gillian graduated with a BA in Women’s Studies from Florida State University, then promptly moved to Austin, TX to attend a plant-based culinary school focused on a food-as-medicine approach to cooking and was inspired by whole grains and seasonality. In Austin she became a worker owner of Red Rabbit Cooperative Bakery and spent the next few years practicing consensus and cooperative business before riding her bicycle from Austin to Portland. After arriving in the PNW she spent a year as the pastry chef at Tabor Bread learning more about freshly milled flour and whole grain baking. Just before starting Wildflower Baking she was working at Rubinette Produce Market and falling deeply in love with Oregon produce.

We both consider ourselves to be hardworking, strong willed women who have always gone after what we want in life. Whether that is biking 4,500 miles across the country or embarking on a 13,500 mile road trip, perseverance and endurance is something we both have in common. With Wildflower Baking, we hope to build community by buying local, growing food, working collectively, and riding bicycles. These practices continue to shape the Portland food scene into a sustainable and collaborative hotbed of culinary innovation. We are inspired every day by our fellow bakers, farmers, and chefs in Portland and feel lucky to be part of this intersection of creativity and agriculture.

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