Girls on Bikes

We are two bakers from some of Portland’s best whole grain bakeries growing a collaborative food business in hopes of creating a more inclusive and cooperative food system. We work with growers and millers of Pacific Northwest grains, local sustainable and organic farms, and source our dairy and eggs from the Willamette Valley. We’re inspired by the the cycle of the seasons and methods of natural food preservation- making jams, fermenting, pickling, etc. Both home gardeners, we sometimes grow and process things we planted from seed and share our harvest with you. We get excited to be creative and collaborate on custom menus for unique events

Emily moved to Portland after baking her way through college, graduating from University of Colorado at Boulder with a Bachelor of the Arts in Humanities. The summer after graduating college, Emily followed Outstanding in the Field, working different farm dinner events all over the country.  She then landed in Portland, OR, drawn by the year-round access to fresh produce and the thriving baking scene. She has worked at Woodlawn Coffee & Pastry, Lovely’s 50/50, and can currently be found baking at Seastar Bakery.

Gillian graduated from Florida State University with a Bachelor of the Arts in Women’s Studies and promptly moved out to Austin, TX to attend a plant-based culinary school focused on a food-as-medicine approach to cooking. There she was inspired by whole grains and seasonality, became a worker owner of Red Rabbit Cooperative Bakery, and spent the next few years practicing consensus and cooperative business. After riding her bicycle from Austin to Portland, she spent a year as pastry chef at Tabor Bread before meeting Emily and starting Wildflower Baking.